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Microbiology Stain kits

Prepared using the highest quality materials to our own stringent quality standards. these reagents are stable, filtered through a three-stage filtration process to eliminate the occurrence of potentially confusing dye particulates on the slide. Where applicable, reagents are supplied in polybottles fitted with dispenser nozzles to allow accurate application to slides and economic use of reagents.

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Alberts stain kit - SP700£8.25  -  £18.00

Cryptosporidia stain kit - SP575£10.00  -  £20.50

DIFF-3 kit (Rapid Differential Blood stain kit) - SP300£18.00  -  £44.00

Flagellar stain kit - SP582£38.00

Gram stain kit - SP400£12.00  -  £20.00

Iron stain kit - pre-measured kit - SP380£46.00

KY-TB Stain kit - SP550£7.50  -  £17.25

Neissers stain kit - SP674£20.00

PAS stain kit - pre-measured kit - SP940£48.00

PAS stain kit - SP939£22.00

Permanent parasite stain kit (Iron heamatoxylin type) - SP705£31.00

Permanent parasite stain kit (Ryan's Trichrome Blue modification) - SP703£31.00

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