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Immersion oil

* Microscope Immersion Oil

* No Vapor or Odor, Non Toxic And Safe To Use

*Widely Used For Various Routine Work In Clinical And Pathology Laboratory's 

*Highest Quality With Excellent Clarity  

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Immersion oil - Critical use Type N - M255£6.75  -  £220.00

Microscope Lens Immersion Oil, Medium viscosity (approx 1000-1200 cSt)

Immersion oil - High Viscosity Type N - M252£20.00

Immersion oil - M250£4.80  -  £310.00

Microschope Lens Immersion Oil Medium Viscosity (approx 900-1100 cSt)

Immersion oil - RI: 1.450 ISO Type G (suitable with Aq media) - M245£4.00  -  £180.00

Microscope Lens Immersion Oil, spectrally pure for use with aqueous samples or water immersion objectives. Low Viscosity (approx 100-200 cSt)

Immersion oil - RI: 1.480 Synthetic, Low Viscosity - M265£10.00

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