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Haematolgy stain reagents

Rowmanowsky stains (Giemsa, Leishmans, Wrights etc) are pH sensitive. Tinctorial (stain picture) quality can be altered by changes in the final pH of staining reagent, this can be caused by differences in the quality or source of the water used to dilute such stains. Tinctorial quality and consistency can be maintained by the use of dilution buffers, which when added to the diluent water will produce stain reagents of the required pH.


Acid pH (<7.0) will emphasize eosinophilic staining.


Basic pH (>7.0) will emphasize azureophilic (basophilic) staining.


In general, blood stains are diluted to produce solutions of slightly acid pH, 6.50-6.80.


We offer a range of buffer concentrates covering pH's 6.50 / 6.80 / 7.00 / 7.20 / 7.40 / 7.60, supplied in 10 vial or 25 vial packs, with each vial making 5 litres of dilution buffer. They offer great value for money and the certainty of preparing blood stains of the required pH time and again.


To maintain the tinctorial qualities of the final stain, slides should be rinsed in the same buffer.

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Brilliant Cresyl Blue Reagent Alc. - S0110£15.00  -  £68.75

Brilliant Cresyl Blue reagent saline - S0120£15.00  -  £68.75

Diff-3 Reagent A - SP300A£13.50  -  £48.77

Diff-3 Reagent B - SP300B£13.50  -  £48.77

Giemsa stain - routine blood stain - S0390£5.20  -  £12.80

Jenners stain - S0580£2.50  -  £70.00

Leishmans stain - S0600£4.25  -  £45.00

May Grunwalds stain - S0690£8.85  -  £12.75

Methyl violet for Heinz bodies - S0761£4.75

New Methylene Blue Reagent - S0980£16.00

Romanowsky stain (New) modified separate reagents - SP105£43.75

Safranine counterstain for SP380 Iron stain kit - S1245£4.75  -  £9.60

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