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Immersion oil - M250

Immersion oil - M250
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M250 Immersion Oil Medium Viscosity

This is a general purpose medium viscosity oil (approx 900-1000 cSt) for almost all light microscopy applications. It is widely used for routine work in clinical/ pathology labs worldwide.

The oil is essentially transparent through the visible spectrum, along with other tight production specifications , this produces a crisp clear image , capable of being used directly onto the stained specimen or cover glass.

Safe in use, no vapour or odour, essentially non-toxic and non-irritant in normal use. Does not cause any stain migration into the oil when used directly on stained slides. No adverse impact on lens materials has ever been reported .

Easily cleaned with standard laboratory solvents or with GCC Optical Lens Cleaner.

Small pack sizes are fitted with dispenser nozzles to aid application .

Technical leaflet


CommercialWe can offer packaging facilities for own label production/ supply.Small and high volume packaging facilities and own label printing/ labelling are available in-house, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.These products are available ex-stock or at short leadtime for significant quantities.TechnicalProduced in a clean room environment under BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Each batch accompanied with detailed certificate of analysis / conformity

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